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older .458 bullets

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I have a quantity of each of these bullets but I know very little about them. Diameter is .458 and weight is 300 gr. so I assume .45-70.
Not cast for a gas check? Is that important?
What is the middle one coated with and how does it compare to plain lead?
The lubricant appears to be wearing out of the third bullet, is that critical?
How are these in a micro-groove barrel?
Thanks for any help.

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You surmise correctly. Any 458 caliber rifle will accept them. I cast and size my 45 rifle bullets to .460" diameter. I find that they shoot a bit more accurately at that diameter.

I have no idea about the middle bullet and what it is coated with. It's still lubed conventionally though.

You should be OK with bullet number three. for light loads, I don't always lube every groove.

Clean your barrel well and then look to Lyman or RCBS for load suggestions. I only shoot 405 grain bullets in my 45/70s, but many find the 300 grain bullets the bees' knees. Stay around 1,100 to 1,200 fps for starters. A slower flake pistol powder will probably be a good choice for light loads and your bullets.
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