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older .458 bullets

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I have a quantity of each of these bullets but I know very little about them. Diameter is .458 and weight is 300 gr. so I assume .45-70.
Not cast for a gas check? Is that important?
What is the middle one coated with and how does it compare to plain lead?
The lubricant appears to be wearing out of the third bullet, is that critical?
How are these in a micro-groove barrel?
Thanks for any help.

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The third bullet has this label and they measure .461 on my non-digital micrometer.

The first and second bullets were both made by this company and measure .459. Again non-digital so subject to my eyes and hand pressure. :unsure:;)

Thanks to you both, good information. I'm not one to push velocities so no problem about the gas check. If I feel I need more bang, I can use factory loads or my 444.

I googled the National Bullet Co. They were in business from 1976 -2008. If accurate, other forums say the original owner passed and new owner lost it. There were defrauded customers at the end.

I don't remember where I got these. I didn't need them at the time so I'm sure they must have been cheap for me to buy them. Yes, I'm one of THOSE guys. ;) Now that everything is skyrocketing, I'm glad I packed stuff like this away all those years.
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