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old worn out 45/70 brass

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Anyone have 3-6 45/70 brass cases that are no longer reloadable that they would send me? I want to use them as cake cutters for my pan lubed 45 bullets. Glad to pay shipping. Thanx

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Hey there Steve -- If you lube in a tupperware pan, the whole cake with bullets will just lift out when cool. Then just push them out with your thumb. Quick and easy and no cutter will be necessary. Hope this helps. Best regards. Wind
what lube recepie is that you are using in the pics?
Hey there SS81 -- It's 50% bees wax, 40% Crisco, and 10% Vaseline. I'd highly recommend melting it in a double boiler type set-up. The stuff has a very low flash point. Let the wax cool a couple hours before pushing the bullets out of the cake, and it hangs in the lube grooves well. Let the bullets sit overnight before sizing, and the lube takes a "set", and hangs on even better. Hope this helps. Best regards. Wind
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