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I'm personally not so "brave" as to start with only a stripped receiver; but I did purchase a barreled action with a stripped frame (a 30TK of all things, an '80 model) and build a "custom" 30TK with pistol grip and factory checkered walnut stocks. The boys above are correct as to parts costs, so my approach to minimizing that aspect of the project was to purchase one of those police siezed Marlin levers where all parts are stripped for resale; then the frame is destroyed, in this case a Model 30AS. I salvaged the lever, bolt, lifter, screws, all interial parts, etc; then sold the stocks and all remaining parts not needed or used. As I had gotten my parts package at a good price, the parts when sold more than covered my investment in the 30AS parts package; but I still had to purchase my walnut stocks, mag tube, tube spring, tube cap, hanger, barrel band, screws, etc. so that when I had finally collected all the parts and completed my project I had as much, or more in the finished piece (it was nice) as an original unmolested 30TK would have cost. In fact, I actually purchased an unmolested 30TK afterwards in near new condition with a set of aftermarket high-dollar peep sights for $350; so in dollars my project saved nothing. In terms of experience, and satisfying the itch to actually do such a project; this effort was certainly worth the money, as my desire to custom build a Marlin lever has been permanently satiated (I'll save lots of dollars!).
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