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ok guys and gals looking at 2 different marlins

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need advice, looking at a possible cs (owner doesnt know exactly) and a 336c

both sound like they are in good shape

the cs is a long drive but it hasnt been shot in 20+ years

the c is alot closer and has been well taken care of, but it has been used for deer hunting

wondering is one better than the other, all im doing is getting a "user" rifle, so i dont beat up my 336 adl for woodchucks

so, for a shooter, woodchuck hunting , and range time, what model would you suggest? does it matter or not

or just go for them both!! woohooo ;D
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the c is alot closer and has been well taken care of, but it has been used for deer hunting
This is not a negative in any way. You won't wear one out by shooting it. A 30-30 barrel can last tens of thousands of shots. I would use price as the decision maker.
well price im not concerned about b/c im trading a walther p22 that i picked up just about 5 hours ago

i paid 250 for the p22, and im trading straight up, one guy said he would throw in 2 boxes of winchester softpoints, with the gun

thats the guy that is closer, im leaning towards him, but i know the other guy, his gun is really old, like 1950's or so he said (will verify later via serial # of course)
but i know the other guy, his gun is really old, like 1950's or so he said (will verify later via serial # of course)
336's from the 50's are sweet. You have a tough decision to make.
ahhh, you people are the experts, its sounds like it doesnt really matter either way,

i will see what the pics look like, trade with the guy that is closer, and the guy that hasnt shot his gun in 20 years i might be able to buy cheap...

kill 2 birds with 1.5 stones
The original 336C started life as the 336 and then became the 336RC (Regular Carbine) and was then designated just the 336C. It then became the 336CS when the cross bolt safety was added. After the safety had been on a couple years and people were used to it, it went back to being the 336C and remains such today.

If the first rifle is a 336CS, it should have a safety. If it is from the 50's it would not be a CS and would not have a safety.
I would drive the distance and look at the .32 SPL first.
I say get them both you can never have too many 30-30s!!! ;D
Are you sure the old one isn't maybe an "SC", not a CS?

The old perch belly rifles with the 2/3 mag tube are by far my favorite for looks. Long before crossbolt safety and likely ballard rifling.
Get the 1950 gun. If it has the Ballard rifling it is a plus. The older guns are a lot prettier in my opinion. There are a lot of CS'S around but the older guns from the 50's are getting scarce. Besides who wants a safety gun.
Given a choice I'd always choose the pre hammer block gun.
ahhh, you people are the experts, its sounds like it doesnt really matter either way,
My preference is for 336's made between 1948 & 2009. That's pretty much the whole gambit! But I do prefer the models without the cross-bolt safety....but I own two 336's with the CS, and they are great too. My main objective is to buy right. If you are talking to these guys about a $250 trade, do both! You'll be happier....And more importantly, you'll be up to three 336's. ;D
yea, im going to wait, they are both going to send me the serial #'s, both owners cant remember when they bought the gun, or how old it it, so i will wait to see the serial #'s.

I will definetly post any info i receive on here, and you guys can help me

i got feeling, when these guys say old guns, its going to be around the 1980's or so....but maybe we can hope for a real gem


thanks guys/gals

If one is a CS it will not be older than 1983.

Buy them both. If you don't want both, keep the one that shoots best and sell the other.
I'd lean toward the '50's model, LOVE the fat forearm, and short mag tube!

Here's one in .35rem I picked up just a couple weeks ago, I know I posted it already, but every thread is better with pictures: a '52 model 336
If the 1950's model doesn't look like it was used as a boat anchor, that's one I'd buy. There are lots of newer ones floating around, so you can pick up a second one later.
I would go with the one in better condition. If they are both in good condition then I wold go with the older one. Like several have said already, the older models are getting few and far between and the new ones you can find everywhere. Good luck, but it sounds like you have that already.
I like the idea of going for both of them. That's what I'd do, but I have a severe case of Marlinitis. (19 Marlins and counting ... Marla has four of her own ... Marlinitis is quite contagious.) ;D
haha yea get both, except there is one problem, the guy that is 2 hours away, cant find his gun. He told me he moved about 12 years ago, he knows the gun made it, but he has no idea where it the condition of that gun could be shady.

On the bright side, the guy thats about a hour away, says he thinks his gun is a 1950's 336c....but i have not heard from him since sunday night or i dont know what to say..

Im still hoping on that second guy

Anyway i had many offers to buy for 275, he refinished all the wood, said its a good shooter, buts its not perfect

im thinking im going to hold out for the early 50's 336c....hopefully he sends me a email or something soon!!!!

Very addicting hobby i picked up
Personally I'd get them both, shoot them both and see which one I' like the best. Then the other would either remain in the safe as backup or I'd sell it.

I know I'd be interested in the 1950's rifle. :)

I have a new Marlin and I much prefer older guns with what I call, 'history mystery'.

Let me know if you decide to pick up then sell the 1950's gun.

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