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Went to a managed hunt in a conservation area refuge...have to get drawn to go....have shot heavier and longer beaded gobblers but I'm game plan when turkey hunting is... if they come up to me I give it to um! Like most hunts it didn't work like in the video with him gobbling and strutting all the way in....I got there late cause it's like 70 miles from my house...didn't get set down where I wanted to be until fifteen till seven...called softly one time and a hen answered me way down the hill directly behind about ten minutes I could hear turkeys puttin and scratching directly behind me at about ten to fifteen yards...thought I would wait them out till they came past on to the food plot...after about twenty minutes I said screw it...I'm turning sounds like just hens, and if they run off I will just move on down the ridge a half mile and start over. I turned around and looked over the root wad and this gobbler was strutting at ten or twelve yards...he acted like he didn't see me ,and even though they say wait, I shot him in full strut and he dropped dead like a sack o time for this simpleton ..馃槈馃槈馃憤馃憤馃憤


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