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Novice Alert; New scope for Marlin 60.. Range report

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I installed a new Tasco 3 to 9 X 40 scope on my Marlin 60. It fit right on and looks great. Now to the range. I set up a blank paper 8 1/2 X 11 on top of some 24" X 24" brown paper on the 100 yard board, set the rifle on a stand and had the little lady touch off three shots. With my 10 X 50 binocks I couldn't see holes so off I went to investigate. Couldn't see where the rounds went so we tried it again. Still no holes. We gathered the rifle, stand and range bag and went over to the pistol benches and set up a target with bulls eye at the 7 yard board and had the little lady fire off three more. Low and left, so I start adjusting the windage and brought the holes over to low center. Fun! Now turn up the elevation to bull's eye, within an approx. 1/8 or less each shot. Now back over to the 100 yard bench and had the little lady touch off one, with the cross hair on the center of the paper. Through the binocks I could see a hole, on center, low about a foot. Now were really having fun. Rather than adjust elevation I suggested she just aim about a foot above center and fire off three or four. All landed on the paper within average about 5 inches. The old range stand was not the best and part of our aim was hand held. Still we were on paper and had a good time shooting another 10 or so rounds each. With the rounds we were using, there was a drop of about 1 ft at 100 yards. 38 gr. American Eagle HP. Ok, what should we do next?

Range conditions: Sunny with green mossy maple tree shadows, slippery frost on the grass and path down to the bullet pit. 28 degrees. Rainier Oregon.
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Try looking at Fool around with the ballistic calculator and decide where you want to zero the rifle. I went with 50 yards as a good compromise. Both my daugher and I shoot Model 60s on an 25 yd indoor range. We found that by sighting high at 25 (using the hight calculated in the chart) put us real close when we moved outdoors. I'am new to rimfire too and I am still learning. Just have fun, thats what rimfires are all about. Ya and a few tree rats and I dont shoot 100 yds too often, well mostly never.

All tens
I set my Model 60 today. It was all over the paper. I sled the whole shebang a 1/2 inch forward, and got a inch group at 50. Next time Ill bring more ammo.
Thanks fellows for your replies,

mrtwistert, Thanks for that calculator address. I can see having a few notes from it when I go to the range next time. I usually take different types of ammo, so I can calculate what to expect and where to sight it in. Cool!

I noticed that my scoped "walked" on the mount as some call it here on the forum. I think I'll look for some better mounts. When I realized my new scope did not come with mounts, I picked up the only pair that would fit from Wally World. I think I can do better. If I can find a pair local, I can save on the shipping.

Hey Pard, Do you ever shoot at Rainier? It's up on the ridge by the High School.

Do you fellows ever shoot sub sonic through your rifles?

I'll try to get a picture or two next time out.
DT, I always keep a smaller supply (a brick or so) of standard velocity and or target looads on hand, Also keep a few of the hotter loads including a few boxes of the screaming Aguila loads. I have several .22 rifles and handguns. You never know what one will like until you try it and then there are different applications. Tip: for venomous snake eradication, the .22s with the shot capsule are great at close range from either a long or short barreled firearm. The snakes just seem to wilt. I think them to be even better than the .38/.357 or .44s. The shot is smaller. Have a good day, Jack
I've been screaming this for years...TASCO SUX!!!

I've had several over the years, mostly on used guns I've purchased...
They either had failed before I got 'em, or failed while I was shooting them.
Either way, I put them in the same dark hole that I use for Remington .22lr Ammo...

To The Depths I Consign Thee...To Ne'er Be Seen Again...

If you MUST buy a cheap scope, go with anything BUT a TASCO!!!
Center Point makes a nice one you can find in any Walmart...
I'm particularly fond of their 4-16x40 :D
Novice Alert; New mounts for New scope, Marlin 60.. Range report

This is a follow up to my previous post about mounting a new Tasco 3-9 X 40 scope on my Marlin 60. Right off, I did not like the ring mounts I bought originally, They had thumb screws and the clamps were not even, they worked loose, I was just not happy with them. I bought them when I realized the new scope was not going to include any. So I replaced them with Milletts high Scope rings. Much better, and I could keep my head up straight and guess what? Oh no, I'll have to zero the new scope in again. So off to the Rainier Gun Club again we go.

Surprisingly the scope was not far off the target center on the first shots. As opposite the last time, we started at the pistol board and worked up an excellent result. We then moved to the 100 yard range and finished up sooner that we wanted but with satisfactory results. We had been by ourselves for 2 hours but another fellow showed up to shoot from the bench next to ours and it was going to get very loud. So we called it a day and promised to return and see how accurate we could make our Marlin 60, as soon as possible.

Pictures follow. Click on pictures for a slightly larger view.

Picture 1. This is normally the pistol range and is about 7 to 10 yards to the target boards 14.jpg

#2. Lower left target was first, three shots to the right, adjust, then three more, almost there, two more getting there. Top target, three shots just to the right. Finished with three shots in the black Bulls Eye 10.jpg

#3. DogTrot's SO getting ready to send some downrange. Bundled up, 37 degrees, some cool showers. 11.jpg

#4. Target left, first three at bottom, then too high and starting bringing holes down to center. Last 4 shots in were fast and loose in quick succession, first was Bulls Eye..17jpg
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Thanks for your range report!

Good to see you found out was wrong! Bad mounts can make a $500.00 scope look bad.
Big improvement.

You should find you'll get even better results if you move the rifle forward in the rest so the forearm of the stock is supported on the front pedestal rather than the barrel/mag tube.

Barenjager has a good tip on your rest point. Also try some different brands of ammo.
Thanks all for the tips.

We're new with our Marlin 60 but are having a real good time with it. Your fellas are right about getting a better rest. The rest shown in the picture is one of a couple that are left at the club for folks like me who don't have their own. Notice part of the adjustments are shotgun clays. I think I'll be going shopping pretty soon for a rest that would better fit the Marlin. Got any suggestions?

It's been kind of cold and snowy lately and it will probably be several days before I get to the range again. I've printed off a few more targets and I really want to see how tight I can get the groups at 100 yards.

I have been using Federal American Eagle 38 grain HP but it does not have the fps on the box. I will want to compare them to some CCI Mini-Mags I bought that go at 1260 fps and see what happens. After I get her all tuned up, how far can I expect to shoot and hit 12 inch targets with my Marlin 60?
I ordered the Vortex Diamondback $250.Also get the rings from walmart.
BSA also works great, but don't expect entirely too much out of it.
IOutdoorPursuit is a great source for marlin scope options
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