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blzeye said:
Well, the smith looked at the crown w/ his scope & said, "there's nothing wrong w/ this crown". I thought he was smokin crack. He said that wasn't causing my gun to be inaccurate. Then he looked all thru the barrel & found that there is no relief at the end of the lands, they go all the way to the end at the throat. Then he showed me another barrel & how they should look. He said he would re-crown it if I wanted him to, but he's sure it won't shoot different. I told him to do it & he asked that I just let him know how I made out. He did a real nice job on it. He said that if it still doesn't shoot well, to bring an empty round w/ the bullet & OAL I was using & he would cut the lands accordingly. And that should make a big difference. This is all new to me. I'll shoot it on Tues or Wed & go from there...
Since you aren't confident with his work, I would not have him do that second step. I would at least get a second opinion frm someone who is known to be good.
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