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I bought a CVA Black Powder Mountain Rifle last summer. With it I bought a Nikon Inline XR 3x9x40. Any reason I couldnt mount the XR to my 45-70 Guide Gun? I have not shot the CVA yet and have the scope sitting around. I pulled the rail off my Rossi 410 and thought I would just mount all this on the GG to play with for a while. Is the XR gonna be off since its set up for Black Powder or will it be fine? It has a 300 yard BDC Retical and although that will probably be off I can check the Nikon site for the velositys Im shooting with the 405gr Remingtons to calculate bullet drop for the new BDC numbers. 100 to 150 yrds will be tops on distance shots.

I use the exact same model the BDC 300 on my 45-70 and I am very happy with it. I bought it and mounted it on my CVA wolf 209 magnum but when I bought the 45-70 I mounted the scope on it and I am very happy with it. I never try the BDC part since the farthest I hunt usually is between 75-25 yards. I might find a range sometime that is setup for 100, 150 and 200 to see if the BDC is correct setup on the scope for the 45-70 since I can shoot the same type bullet weight in the 45-70 and my muzzle loader.
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