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You guys ever think about getting that territory you lost back from the rooskies?
Unfortunately, the Russians environmentally messed up the province of Karelia enough that the costs involved with fixing it up to a livable condition would be prohibitive for the Finns to pull off, as hardworking and as industrious as most of them are. My understanding is that Yeltsin actually offered to sell Karelia back to the Finns and after a lot of wrangling back and forth and a lot of soul-searching, they turned him down.

Finn, where do you hail from? My maternal grandfather's family (Möykkynen) originally came from Karelia (and supposedly before that, Estonia). They migrated over the years to Kittilä, which is where my grandfather emigrated to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan from. My maternal grandmother's family (Merilainen) originally came from Sareisniemi, but later moved to Liiminka outside of Oulu, where she became a mail-order bride to my grandfather in exchange for passage to America. My wife's maternal grandmother (Soivio) came from Kuusamo while her maternal grandfather (Karppinen) came over to the US from Helsinki.

While my mother was 100% Suomalainen, my father was German-English with a dash of Irish. So that's why I ended up with the very non-Finnish last name of Wall (Anglicized from the German Wahl).

Terve! :D

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