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I have marlin 1894CL in 32/20 which has an extremely short throat and will not chamber the Ranch Dog .313" without shortening the brass. This solution comes from Ranch Dog himself.
I have also a Marlin 1894 41Magnum with Ranch Dog mold. As cast the bullets measure 412"-413" The bullets loaded to the top crimping groove will not chamber in the Marlin or my Ruger Blackhawk.
Then I have a Ranch Dog mold for the 38/55 and the 375Win . Bullets as cast are .379" as is the sizer that came with it.
1.)Can the .412-413" bullets be sized to .410" without damaging the bullet? ie.Will there be enough of the grooves left to hold lube or do I start over with a new mold?
2.)My bullets for the .375 and 38/55 are sized to .379" these using 375 brass will readily cycle and chamber in my M-375. Yet the same bullet in either 38/55 or 375 brass will not chamber in my JES re-bored 38/55. The re-bored rifle has a "modern" bore size of .376" Again, do I just size them down to .377" or start over?


I have no problems with Ranch Dog molds ! I think that I, In my ignorance, may have not got started on the right track.
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