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New to the Fold, Gun Case Questions

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Just joined this site last night and I'm psyched about all the info here. Want to copy my intro before I ask my question, if that's ok.

Have always been a "Winchester 94 guy" (hope this ain't blasphemous and if so my Tenderfoot status gets me some slack) being a southpaw. Seems like everybody in these parts owns a lever action 30-30 as a basic part of their tool kit. I have been wanting a lever gun in .357 since shooting a buddy's Browning 1892 many years back. Our Fish & Game Club runs an annual gun show, and I work every year in the kitchen. One of my motorcycling friends has a table there every year, right near the food stand, and we always look forward to seeing each other and catching up. I walk up to say hello, and there is this 1894 in 357. The guy only sells nice stuff, in exceptional condition, and usually asks for the long dollar and gets it. "Hey, hey, glad to see ya. Dang.... I should buy this Marlin." "Well, if YOU want it take $100 off the price." I happened to have cash with me I'd been squirreling away, "just in case".

I've read about quirks with feeding ammo on these, but realized that it was a score so I snagged it 2 hours before the doors to the show even opened. Got home later and discovered this site. Looks like any "issues" with these are solidly covered here which is great!! What a sweet little rifle, yet solid and beautifully made. Probably gonna go out later when the snow stops (July?) and set up a target in the 12 foot snowbank out back.

Honestly, I was looking for a Rossi but am so pleased that I saw this Marlin. Planning to use it as a fun shooter, camp / hiking / travel companion and maybe even take along occasionally in the deer woods when I'm feeling like I want to travel light and leisurely.

My question is fairly simple: who makes a case for this sweet little carbine? I know I can shop around, but I'm looking forward to having the ability to get instant ideas from you folks.

Thanks, in advance.
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For some reason, shorter cases seem hard to find and more pricey when you do.

Some folks make do with a branded Ruger 10/22 case which works pretty good. The tactical rifle cases from MidwayUSA in 42 or 43" also work good for length. I finally got their Pro Series in 43" and added a shotgun to justify the bulk.

There is a case thread buried somewhere in the 1894 forum with other suggestions.
Welcome to You have just bought one of the real fun guns out there and I am sure you will enjoy it.

As far as rifle cases, I have both soft and hard cases when taking my guns out for shooting or hunting. I got most of mine from local ranch stores which seem to have good prices. You could also find them at your local gun shops, Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, etc or you can order them online from MidwayUSA or other websites. You might start by Googling for them.

First and most important, is to welcome you to the site. It is a great bunch of guys and gals here. A word of caution though, this whole marlin thing is a bit addicting. Be warned.
As for the cases, look into a line made by Boyt. I think I saw them at Cabelas and you might also find them at Bass Pro, under the Red Head brand name. They are expensive, but worth it to me. Make sure to determine if you are buying for a scoped gun and measure to get a close length.
Oh! The 1894 in 357 is a lot better gun than the Rossi. I had one in 357 and it was a piece of work. Sounds like a good price too.
Again welcome!
Welcome to the family from central Florida. When you get a chance please post a picture of your new rifle. That's how it is around here, we need to see them. That's what we live for - some of us anyhow. Very nice rifle that you will really enjoy. I use plane old Bass Pro soft cases for all of my Marlins. Around $21 each but the work just fine. Like the rest of them are telling you can find them anywhere, just pick what looks good for you and run with it.

Glad you found us!

I will definitely check the usual sources for cases, particularly the Boyts. Just thought there might be a preferred case thsat fit my gun perfectly.

I'm horribly lo tech to the point of shame. Tried to attach a pic with no luck and couldn't find instructions.
Hey, Harlycarly,

Welcome to Marlinowners from Connecticut. Re: the 1894C 357 Mag, they are a fun gun, Most '94 357's like the round nose bullets better than SWC's, and they like jacketed rather than lead.
But you'll find out what to feed it real soon.
Re: cases..........I'd shop the local big box stores and gunshops. if that not productive, go on line an check out midway, Natchez or Mid South shooters supply. i'm sure you'll find something in the 15-25 dollar range that meets your needs.

harlycarly, welcome to MO first of all from west central Mo. Now that you have a 1894c you may want to consider reloading for it. The .357 ammo and a 1894 work well together but ammo goes very fast, full box one minute, empty the nest. take care, John.
Funny, I found a gun case at my local WallyWorld, and it's surprisingly well made for the cost. They had them in different colors/fabrics and priced from $10 to $30 and in different lengths/scoped/non-scoped. I got the longer case for a scoped rifle, but that also lets me put in a box of ammo with the rifle and it keeps it all protected. They had some Ruger 10/22 cases also, but I would consider that just wrong to carry a Marlin in. WallyWorld also has some heavy poly-plastic gun cases that you can also lock up and keep under a bed if so desired if that is also what you may be looking for. I have a couple for some guns I use for target that I don't get out that often, but they certainly could be used for everyday rifles. Almost forgot--Welcome to MO.
You want one of these in 38" I got one when they were on sale for $29, but they are worth the regular price. Very well made.|/pc/104792580/c/104730480/sc/104368680/Cabelas-Heavy-Canvas-Scoped-Rifle-Case/707156.uts?destination=%2Fcatalog%2Fbrowse%2Fshooting-gun-storage-gun-cases%2F_%2FN-1100211%2FNo-48%2FNs-CATEGORY_SEQ_104368680%3FWTz_l%3DSBC%253Bcat104792580%253Bcat104730480%26WTz_stype%3DGNP&WTz_l=SBC%3Bcat104792580%3Bcat104730480%3Bcat104368680
If your are looking for a soft case go to Ebay, enter rifle cases. You will get a ton of choices. I tried to look up my past purchase of a 40",42" and a 44". Same manufacturer, all the case look the same (black) and cost about $20.00. They work fine for me. The only thing I didn't like was when I asked if they were American made and recieved a yes, then when I recieved them couldn't find a flag or "made in USA" slogan on them. when I communicated with the seller again, he said they must of forgot to sew them on...............highly unlikely. Ok cases, they do the job.
The case reffered by halwg is regularly about 50 and is a heck of a good case if it is the one I think it is. I can't get cabela's site to co-operate with me at the moment. Anyway, I have two of their canvas cases and they are nice. I suspect they are made by Boyts. Good luck, Jack
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