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Hello I am new to this board, my first Marlin was in the 50's. I was lurking around and saw some posts on a 1894P. I bought one of these last summer. I was looking for a truck rifle-back up hog gun (if I ever get a chance to go). The local showed me this "like" new in the box 1894p, no box, but no scratchs on the gate, barrel looked like a NIB. So I jumped on it, having never owned a lever, I never looked back.
Now I don't want to hear alot of testro going off when I say when you try out this "little gun" at the bench sighting it in, trying out reloads, it should be the last gun you shoot that day. Because when you decide to quit you will be shaking like a dog passing razor blades. Think not let your 10 yr old grand daughter snuggle up on this on a bench and pull the trigger.
I shoot the gun a lot with 240g and its not bad after you prepare your self. I do love the gun, however my grand daughter will be shooting a 7mm mag off the bench before this gun.
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