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Say your using the Rem that has 4.1 gns less than the Winchester case, but your loading data is for the Win case and you are nearing maximum.

The problem then becomes compounded using the smaller capacity case your pressure is higher than the data you are using. So say your top data load is 54 gns for the Win case and you get to 54 gns using the Rem case you are seating the bullet compressing the powder and then the pressure spikes as you may well be 4.1 gns over maximum loading data. This could cause serious injury though most often it will show as things like a primer cup blowing out, sticky extraction.

Bottom line think of it this way you have a case with a certain capacity of loose powder, you fill the case full leaving no room for a bullet but seat the bullet and it compresses more powder than ever intended to be in the case causing an overload. Every gn of powder gives you more pressure and if you use a small capacity case it gives more pressure yet.

Use your data but if you are using the smaller capacity case reduce the starting charge by that amount, the pressure will be higher but you will be safer and still get the same velocities with less powder.
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