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New (to me ) rifle

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Well, I've been watching prices climb so I decided to buy now before they went higher. Saw some Marlins at the local pawn but didn't have the money - squirreled some away and went back to find a new selection. Picked out a Western Field 740 in 30-30 with a Bushnel Sportview 3-9 x 32 for $330 (taxes and fees added another $50). No crossbolt safety. There were others on the rack for cheaper but not as near good condition. I also saw NEW 450 MXL for $799, 357 stainless 1894 for $779, 30-30 'Trapper' stainless straight stock for $779 and a blue 44 mag with beautiful wood for $640. My budget did not go that high and I was pleased to get a lightly used gun with walnut stocks. A left hander had owned it (hammer spur on the left side). There were a few dings in the stock and a few light wear marks, about what you'd get after a season in the woods. So I got an almost new scoped 30-30 for what I would of paid for a new plain jane (birch stock) in 2008. I was also able to trade in a sporterized (no collector value)British 303 for $100 - spent that on ammo. I've shot the 30-30 a few times to dial in the scope and it groups nicely. Serial number begins with 59 so does that mean it was made in '41?
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"Serial number begins with 59 so does that mean it was made in '41?"

59 doesn't tell you much. There should be a letter in front of the S.N. and then a four or five digit serial number. The letter will tell the date of manufacture.
If the gun was made later than the '70s then the first two numbers will tell the year.
Congratulations on your new rifle. You did good. Prices for good used Marlins are only going up, so get them while they're still reasonable.

Great looking old rifle you have there. Nice find. Still gotta get me one of those .30-30's and I'm not sure why I don't own one since they seem to be as American as apple pie and Chevrolet. I suppose I have yet to come across one that jumped out at me (notice how sometimes the rifle seems to pick you?)

I'm happy for you, hope you enjoy it and let us know how it shoots! :D
Allright!! another Westernfield 740 in the crowd.

I bought one last month that has, AC at the begining of the serial number. That makes it a 67 model.

Congratulations, and I hope your rifle shoots as good as mine does.
Congrats, very nice looking rifle!
Nice buy, your gonna love it same power as 303 but a lot more fun to shooy
enjoy your new gun
Congrage on that WesternField. I got one also. Mine's a '65 model.
Sounds like you found yourself a dandy rifle after doing a great job of self control with money :D

Enjoy it!

Western Field. That brings back some memories! Always nice to get another gun. ;D
Nice old gun!

Did you figure out what year it is?
Bought this one from a friend last month.
Westernfield 740 - made in 67
I've recently put a scope, sling & hammer spur on it.

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I looked again and the serial number has no letter in front. Just 69 space 13xxxx. Any ideas what year this represents. Also there is no JM in an oval proof on the barrel - only what looks like a squashed Capital D
If the first two numbers are 13 it would be an 1987 DOM!!!
In your origianal post. you'd stated the first two numbers were 59, and in your last post you said 69.
If 69, your rifle was made in 1969.

On my 740, the barrel doesn't have the JM proof mark either - but a letter P on the ejection side of the barrel.

IMR is correct, 69 would be 1969 DOM. Marlins made from 1948 to 1969 used a letter prefix to indicate Date of Mfg. 1969 to mid 1970's ( I forgot what year ) the first two digits indicate date. After that until 2009 they used the first two digits subtracted from 100 to determine DOM. Who knows how Remlins will be identified, seems they are still using numbers that show 2009.
Thanks everbody, The 59 was a mistype. The 69 matches the condition and the scope. Went shooting today and had two shots within an inch at 150 yards. Third shot was a my fault flier. Used cheap Federal 170 g. Looking closer it does have a P as a barrel stamp. The tail is partially hidden below the forearm.
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