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Went to the local pawn shop the other day looking for a bolt action 22. They had sold the only ones they had two days before.
Well they had a couple 22 model 60's so I asked if they'd let one go at the same price as one of the bolt actions.
Well push come to shove, I walked out with a 1990 model 60 (lsho and 17 round magazine, 22 in. barrel) for $105 out the door.

I HATE the last-shot-hold-open feature. I would trade even up for an older model without it but found an easy workaround. I just put a snapcap in as the 17th round
Eventually I'd like to put on an aperture sight like the Tech Sights TSM200 . The old eyes ain't what they used to be.

Any caveats you know about installing these sights on this gun? I notice that the front sight is all one piece with just one screw.

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