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Hi folks

I've lurked on you guys site for a while and enjoy your forum.
It's stimulated my interest to get an earlier Marlin lever gun.
I picked up this rifle this week and want to ask for you guys
opinion of it and what it is exactly that I have in respect to
when it was built, if it looks original, etc. The condition of
the rifle looks to be quite good. Not much wear. Bore and
crown are excellent. Action tight and smooth. Trigger clean.
But I really don't know if it is "correct". And if you could
give me an estimate of value that would also be appreciated.

Thanks for any input ! Chris


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Welcome from Alabama...

I'll take a stab but prepare for others to correct me as I'm not an expert on this Model...

The Model 93 was produced from 1905 through 1936... Originally stamped 30WCF ( Winchester center fire ). Marlin didn't want the word Winchester on there rifles so used the abbreviation.

Yours says 30-30 so is very likely a later one.

That's all I got...

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Your Model '93 Carbine has the "Corporation" marked barrel, and has the serial number located under the lever, rather than the traditional lower triggerplate location near the forearm. It also has a C prefix, and I'd guess it's one made after WWI, but before around 1923. It appears to be original appearance, and even has the correct rear barrel sight and elevator too. The barrel bluing looks very nice compared to the rest of the gun, and stocks. Maybe it's just nice, or maybe a barrel reblue?
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