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After lots of looking and loosing a few auctions that got too high for my blood, I picked myself up an 1894 in 357 made in CT! Thought I'd share some gun porn and while I have your attention ask one of many questions.

Gun Firearm Trigger Revolver Gun accessory
Firearm Gun Trigger Rifle Shotgun
Gun Firearm Trigger Rifle Shotgun

My local old-time dealer looked it over during the transfer and thought it was really clean.

OK, so my question. I reload 38 Special for my bullseye shooting so feel I can step up to loading it and 357 for this beauty. But, with the micro-groove barrel, from what I read I need larger than standard bullets; 359 for example. Where can I get bullets that will be accurate out to 100yds? I'd like to load different weights and see what she likes best. I'm hoping to find some loads that are accurate in both this and my GP100.

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