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New to me 336ER on Layaway

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Ok !! I found one and its got my name on it now...paid a bit more than I wanted, but the condition of it helps ease the pain of my empty the waiting begins...I will no doubt get together a nice optics setup ready for immediate install and some ammo accumulated to give a basic range report once i have liberated it from the layaway locker ;D
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Very good. We all fully support gun liberation! Can't wait for pics and range reports. Good for ya man. Does it look something like this one that I found on GB?
Congrats on the ER purchase.Cant wait for pics and range report!
Very similiar...this one has nice wood and not much woods time either...found it locally
Congratulations, 336ER's are super cool; it will be a happy union!
Congratsulations!!!!!!!!!!!................Your gonna' LUV it!..............I assume your gonna' hand load for it?
It IS a hand loaders rifle!

Hey, Cal................

Give me an update on that ER................

Lucky duck. I was going to go that route, but time and money started slip away and bought the 338ME XLR instead. Which I think has a bit of an edge on the .356 down range a bit. BUT I have not given up and will some day own a .356 Marlin.
gonna be on layaway until first week of April....will let you know when I finally get her home...I will try to possibly get it to the range before my next surgery which will put me down most of the summer
Sorry guys...the deal fell through on this one. But I ended up getting a 338MX made in 08...the dealer said he is sending to Marlin to be repaired...but it will no longer be what I thought I was buying and he was unwilling to cut the price since it will no longer be original..I'm ticked but the other gun should ease my pain ..especially since the 338 was over 50% cheaper
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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