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Thanks guys!
Yes I had skimmed threads in .38-55 forum, good resource!
Ream the throat? :ahhhhh:Say it ain't so, I'm just wrapping my head around slugging the bore. And re-loading with its concomitant tooling requirements.
Glad the receivers not yet been drilled. Like to find a real old-time peep for it. Or maybe just the tang sight for now leaving the receiver un-adulterated?
Like this say.....

No, you don't need to ream the throat.....unless you want to use non-standard reloading components. For example, fat bullets in 375 Win brass or improper bullets seating methods. I have personal experience with several dozen 38-55 rifles owned by friends and 13 of my own including 8 owned at present and none have required any chamber alteration, whatsoever. In my opinion, it would be extremely rare that a factory chamber would need any alteration unless it had been "bubba" fixed by a previous owner.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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