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New to Marlinowners with "new to me" 336 SC in .35

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New to Marlinowners with "new to me" 336 SC in .35

Joined Marlinowners about a month ago to help find the right 336 for me. I had two other Marlins, a Model 44 20 gauge circa 1925, my grandfather's, and a Model 81-DL .22 circa 1950, my father's. Settled on an SC in .35 and bought a 1960 vintage last weekend at a local gun show in Northern Virginia. Very nice condition on the wood and metal both. No real bargain, but it was what I wanted and the 35 SCs seem tough to find around here. A photo of the family Marlin threesome is included.

I'm planning to put my grandfather's, 1950s, Weaver K-4 on top of the SC on low mounts. The era of these two matches up well and the scope is pretty small. Was considering a peep sight as an option too though. I plan to use the SC to deer hunt in Virginia with shots from 25 to 125 yards in a mix of woods and fields. Any one have thoughts on which would be a better choice and if its a peep, which one?

If I go with the Weaver on top, I was going to mount it on a basic Weaver mount from Midway which sells for about $7. Seems cheap. Any reason to spend more?

Also want to add a hammer spur. Couldn't find one specifically noted as for a 336 on Midway, but was looking at a Carlson's Universal Hammer Spur Extension. Anyone used this with success on a 336?

Marlinitis has set in. Can't wait to run some rounds through it.

Any advice is appreciated.
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Re: New to Marlinowners with "new to me" 336 SC in .35

I agree, that SC looks nice! Congrats on a nice find.

I'll 2nd dpe.ahoy, the Weaver mount will work fine and you should be able to pick that up at Wal-Mart as well. As far as the choice of scope or peep, that's up to the shooter. Pick up a peep and give it a try and see what you're more confident and comfortable shooting with. I shoot with great accuracy out to 125yds+ with my peeped lever guns, but that's me.....everyone is different. You can find an older Redfield or Lyman peep, but it'll look cool with a newer Williams FP peep on it too.

Welcome to MO's.........good hunting!
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