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Guess I didn’t tighten down the lid enough, something got in between the washer and lid or the washer was misaligned, but my Frankford tumbler leaked, running down the front and into the switch, causing it to corrode/short out! Hmmmmm….looked like it was gonna be a pain to find one online, thought about calling Frankford, but decided to run up to HD and see if I could get lucky! We’ll, I DID!

A few minutes of rewiring and voila, back in bidness! Note to self: UNPLUG THE UNIT until you’re done messing with the wires!!!!! I got ahead of myself and using a pair of needle nose to tighten the retaining nut, touched the wires #%+~%%#^😡! Had to go BACK and pick up another ($5 down the drain!)

Now to make sure the lid is on correctly BEFORE using!

‘bout an hour total time and we’re tumbling again!!


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