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Here's a couple ways you can post a's simple and easy to do.

The 1st way is using a photo host, I like to use Photobucket
1. Upload the photo to your computer and save them in My Documents / My Pictures

2. You need a photo host. Its free!

3. Once you have an account at a photo host and the picture loaded in your pc you click on choose file by the Upload Images & Video box in Photobucket

4. Find your picture and doubleclick it

5. Photobucket will promt you name the photo with a title and then save the file

6. Once you've saved the photo in your Photobucket album run your mouse over the the photo in your album that you want to post and you'll see under the picture are some codes. its the bottom code labelled "IMG", left click on it so it highlights (blue)
and then right click on it with your mouse and choose "copy" then go to the reply post here at MO's and right click again and choose "paste" and your IMG code which will show up as a your photo when viewed. I like this better than the next way, but that's just me and you may find it easier to just upload straight from your PC.

The next way is straight from your PC.
click on reply just like you've been doing to reply to a post and to the bottom left of the reply box where you type you'll see "Additional Options" click it and then you'll see Attach: and a Browse button to the right of the attach box. Click Browse and it normally is already at "My Pictures" if not click the arrow and find "My Documents" and then "My Pictures" and then your picture you want to upload. Double click on that picture and you'll see it load in the "Attach" box below and then just click post. You may have to shrink the size before posting. Use Paint to shrink it if needed.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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