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We finally launched our new RPP Moto division! For those of you that know Adam Devine, RPP Moto is a return to his roots. Before mastering Marlin Gunsmithing, caliber conversions, and parts design & manufacturing, he spent a dozen years as a motorcycle mechanic and became a suspension expert. Being able to design parts for his two passions - lever-action rifles and motorcycles - is a dream come true.

With the launch, our first products are Foot Pegs and Suspension Upgrade Kits for a selection of Honda mid-range motorcycles with damping rods. Updates to the kits will add to the Honda line-up and expand to Harley, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and others. And who knows what else!


Here's a link to the RPP Moto website

And the Suspension Upgrade Kit video (yes that's Adam jumping the bike on screen. See won't talk about his back pain since then :)

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