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Sign the Petition with the link below. (I will be sending it to Sierra, Hornady, Barnes Bullets, Nosler, Berger, and Lapua.)

Petition A modern .311 bullet with higher BC and weight varations are needed.

Petition A modern .311 bullet with higher BC and weight varations are needed.

The .311 diameter bullet is a wonderful bullet that has been around for over a hundred years at least. But just as long as the bullet is old it has not been updated much along the way. A revitalization of this bullet is needed for Long Range Hunters, Target Shooters, and Competition Shooting. The .308 has such a wide selection of bullet choices. But the .311 has maybe two or three choices from a few companies.

This petition is for more bullet manufactures to create a increase in choices for the .311 bullets in their current lineup or even for the first time offerings to owners of these fine rifles. Companies like Hornady, Sierra, and Barnes Bullets have a selection but its still very limited. We need more companies to carry them such as Nosler, Berger Bullets, and Lapua.
This is not a uncommon round and is used around the world in many guns such as the Mosin Nagant, Lee Enfield, AK47, SKS, Arisaka, Vepr, Dragunov, PSL rifle, etc.

The bullet weights and BC that would be nice to have designed will be listed below.

*155gr Palma & 520 BC

*174gr Spitzer Bullet with a Flat Base & FMJ and Soft Point

*195gr & 645 BC

*200gr & 700 BC

*240gr & 770 BC

They need to be designed with these things in mind below.

*Long Range Hunters that will hunt (Deer, Elk, Moose, Bear, etc.)

*Target Shooters

*Competition Shooters

Example of options offered should be ballistic tip, Bonding the Jacket the the Lead Core, Boat Tail, Hollow Point, All Copper.

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I buy commie ammo cheaper than I can reload it.

I bet there isnt a big enough market for them to make them
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