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New or Used ?

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I've always wanted a 30-30 Lever gun. I'v been out seriously looking lately for one. The least expensive new one I could find is a 336w for $367. and is a gun I really like and would work for me. As for used ones I've seen them for $320.+ for different models, and not very good condition. Should I just get the new one or just hold out for a good used one at a good price ?
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I prefer used - My personal preference is for older, pre-safety, Marlin's with smooth walnut stocks and I'd recommend that you hold out for a clean older gun if you can find the time and patience to shop around a bit.
If you are in no hurry wait for the right deal. I bought a 1950's vintage 336 RC .32 spl once for $175.
The most I ever paid for a Marlin was my 1895 LTD II for $675+tax.
Good luck...
Do whatever makes you happy.........

Since you're asking though, if it were me.....I'd hold out for a good used rifle from the 60's or 70's era. There's lots of
good like new condition and well taken care of rifles out there.
What these other guys say....................I've always had more interest in USED firearms...........

I got bit by the Marlin bug in December when I bought a new 1895STBL 45/70. It was my first lever action. Since then I've gone buck-wild and had the most fun I've had in a while. Here is a pic of three more purchases since Dec:
336 30/30 1953
Model 39A 1947
336 .35REM

I still want a .32 Special.

Funny thing is, Marlin's got my 45/70. That, after a half a dozen phone calls, exchanged pictures via email and unanswered queries that took place over three months. I finally got a shipping label sent so they could address three different finish issues with the 'new' gun. Can't say I'm not anxious to have it back and can't say I regret the new purchase, and I can't say I saved a boat-load of money either but I got fair deals and I had a lot of fun finding these Three Amigos.
SgtDog0311 said:
I got bit by the Marlin bug in December when I bought a new 1895STBL 45/70.

Can't say I'm not anxious to have it back and can't say I regret the new purchase, and I can't say I saved a boat-load of money either but I got fair deals and I had a lot of fun finding these Three Amigos.
I believe that you have identified the most important aspect of Marlinitis.
i have both a new 2009 model 336c 35rem that i bought new, an a 1979 336c 30-30 that i just bought.with the way remington is running things its a crap shoot if you get a good one.this is why i didnt go ahead an buy a new marlin 308me cause of the promblems.this is why i bought a savage model 93 17hmr instead of a marlin,kind of lost my faith in new marlins from what i have seen an heard.if you buy new find a 2009 or older model new.but i will keep buying marlins but they will be older used ones pre safety.i like my 30-30 alot but just havent spent much time shooting 35 is a great gun an i havent had any promblems with it either.
hope this helps
Used for me, the older the better! 8) First thing to decide is - 'what do you like?' and go to there. My personal experience has been that if I buy something that is not what I really wanted I'm never going to be happy with it. ???

I like a lever rifle with open sights - I prefer the flat-top sheet metal sights that Marlin used on their earlier 336 rifles and I like the dovetail bead front sight that Marlin used on the earlier 336 RC rifles as well as the perch belly forearm from the early RC's. They are not hard to find and are often in nice shape for a good price. Some folks aren't interested because the older rifles (before about '55 or '56) weren't drilled and tapped for scope mounts. Fine with me - I love my K-prefix (1953) 336 RC .30-30 and I bought it about 7 years ago off a table at the Tulsa Gun Show for $250. ;D

I think it's like a lot of other hobbies - looking for just the right gun is a big part of the pleasure. Be careful, though, or you'll wind up like a lot of us with several Marlins that you love. But - they don't eat much! :-*

Good Luck!

Cedar Creek
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I have always preferred used rifles. Whether or not it was all in my imagination, I always felt that used rifles, especially if they were from a few decades ago, often showed better worksmanship. Also, I do not like lawyered-up rifles with cross bolt safeties, and other "improvements." If you buy a well cared for used Marlin 336 rather than a new one, I think you can often get a better gun for less money. This is all a matter of opinion, and others are sure to look at it differently. You should do what you are most comfortable with.
I agree with everybody else here. I will pay a hundred bucks more for a nice used one than for a new one....but that's just me.
FWIW- used in pawn shop. Don't overlook Glenfield 30A's.
I agree with most... used is best. Find a couple of nearby gun shops especially ones that get levers in and check by often. You never know what you will run up on. Next thing you know you find what you are looking for at a good price. I just found a new looking 1950 336 SC 30-30 for $325 and couldn't believe it. And I have bought several for $300 in great shape. And I also agree the fun is the hunt for them. Good hunting. And don't forget the gun shows. I've bought most of mine there. Took me a couple of shows to find out what I was looking for and at.

I lever guns ranging from 1965 to 2009 some bought used, some bought new.

Buy the gun that makes you happy. To me, it isn't about an era, a style, etc. It is about finding that gun that talks to you. It can be expensive or dirt cheap but it is the one that fits your needs, wants and desires.

FWIW, my 336W is probably my favorite of my lever guns and sees a lot more use than the others too.

Be it new or used, just make sure everything is in working order as best as you can. And no matter what you choose, don't sweat it too much cuz it won't be that long before you're buying another one anyway. Then you can get the opposite of what you got the first time if you want. ;D
The Marlins I currently have are a 2009 model, a 1975 model, and a 1951 model, and my favorite hands-down is the 1951. There's something special about that 60 year old rifle - the fit and finish are darn near perfect and the action is smooth as silk - and it already has more history behind it than I do. Its kinda like a glimpse into a time that's gone by, reminiscent of the days when my dad was a kid. The older ones are definitely worth hunting down, and the hunting is as enjoyable as the find.

There's nothing wrong with going new, but if you have the time check out the pawn shops and used racks - there are some real gems out there just waiting to be put back into service.
Most of the Marlins I have acquired have been used, and I have found some very sweet deals. I've been lucky with the few I have bought new, no problems at all. Right now, I'm waiting for the new 1895 Cowboy I ordered at WalMart. If it has any problems, well, that's what warranties are for.
Read this before you go used Marlin shopping.,52558.0.html
Used -- the hunt for the gun is as much fun as hunting/shooting the gun after you get it. But be careful, if you get a good used one -- you just might catch Marlinistis. I have!
Was back at wallyworld today to see if they still had the new 336w. A couple of other costumers were there also just looking. So I teld them my story and one of the guys said they know of a used one that may be for sale. I asked him if he was the one that has it and he said yup, it is his. He gave me some info, its a 336c, 1984 he bought new, used very little, in great shape. Now I need to get together with him to see it and work out a deal. From what he said so far I've Offered maybe $300 or if in great shape maybe a little more ? Does this sound about right ?
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