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New Old Stock XLR 35 Rem.

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Found this one at Don's Hobby Guns in Nebraska. They were good to deal with and fair for a XLR, said he just wanted to recover his cost.?. The rifle looks good, the SN dates it from 2007Mfg, North Haven. The stainless barrel cleaned up from it's factory proof fireing quickly. I was most impressed at how quickly the Bushnell 3-9 3200 scope lined up. Used Weaver 4X4 rings on a Leupold rifleman base. I mostly bought this to shoot cast bullets, but if it shoots well it would make a great rainy day deer rifle with the Stainless, laminate combo and the Bushnell with rainguard.
I've written before that I believe the 35 Remington to be one of the most efficent of cartriges. I really like the way those Remington Corelokts thump a deer. Most go down right there and those that don't do not go far. I found this out first with my 35 Whelen, it kills like the hammer of Thor.
I should thank 35 Rem for his assistance getting me on the right track reloading the 35. You did good.

Richard P.
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Don't overlook the Hornady LE's for that 35. My '57' likes em as well as the newer one, and they leave a golf ball sized hole on the off side of mule deer. DP
Have a box of the Hornady Ammo on the shelf. From what I've read on the XLR series they were designed ground up for use with the Hornady ammo. After I test out my other loads and have some groups to judge by, then I'll give the LR ammo a test. Will report back on how this all shakes out.
Ya some of those 35rem xlr's on gunbroker for under 600 sure are tempting.
Wholesale is $527 right now for the brand new ones at PCGunlive.

They do love LeverSolution.
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