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New old guy from Mississippi

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Hello all,
Just recently got back into lever guns. Have two Marlin 30-30's and one Rossi .357. And the bad thing about it is, I don't even hunt anymore. Love the site.
Regards to all,
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Good to have you here. Welcome from Abilene and Goldthwaite, TX! John
Hi Sir, and welcome from Bundaberg, Australia.
Welcome from TN. You don't have to hunt to hang out here, just like lever guns (maybe Marlins in particular) :).
Welcome, from DFW, Texas
Welcome from Louisiana!!!My daughter lives in Vancleave,Mississippi!!
Welcome from the Republic of Texas...
Welcome to the site. Where in the Magnolia State are you? I'm in South Mississippi about 40 miles from the Coast.
Hi flagaman, I am from northeast Florida near Jacksonville. This forum is very informative and friendly. Welcome Aboard.
Welcome from South Florida!
Welcome from Olympia, WA; in the great Pacific Northwest - MARLIN® COUNTRY!!!!!
Welcome to MO from Pennsylvania!!
Welcome to Marlin Owners from Eastern Ontario, Cda. (Ottawa)



Team 35 # 88
Team 30-30 # 82
Team 39 # 31
Welcome from Gilbertown Alabama!
Welcome to Marlin Owner's, from Maine!!! :)

Enjoy your new rifles!!! 8) 8)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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