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new member with question

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Hello everyone,
I joined the site a few days ago and have been lurking and reading since then.

I don't have a 336 (I have a 444), but I bought my 14 year old son his very first deer rifle a few days ago and gave it to him today. It is a model 36 in 30-30.

He was working the action to get the feel of it and it became very stiff. I checked it out and the hammer is very stiff when you try to cock it and it makes a grating sound. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

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Here's a link to a step by step procedure for taking our rifles apart, not quite YOUR rifle by it will do nicely. Since Marlin have changed only slightly over the years things may be a bit different in the 36.,26786.0.html
I suggest a good cleaning if you haven't already done so, a thin coat of oil on moving parts a dab of grease on sliding parts. Pay close attention to any parts you remove, check them for rubbing (wear) as to the grating sound??? grit in the sear engagement area? Hope this helps some. By the way Walter..........Welcome to MarlinOwners! ;D I'm pretty sure others will chime in soon. Mr fixit
Thanks for the information.
WRM, welcome to MO!! Hope the son joins too. A good complete cleaning first with oil/grease and then check for binding problems, if any problem check in gunsmith and reference sections for help. Folks on this site will also give good advise. Should your problem presist check with Eli Chaps, Swany, Tomray or Halwg for extra help. Take care, John.
Welcome to MOs from NE Florida. I'm sure your son will really love his Marlin once you get your problem with it sorted out. We have some really fine Marlin mechanics here that will be able to help you find the solution to your difficulty with the model 36 you got for your son.
Welcome to're a good Dad for buying your boy a Model 36 for his first rifle. Every kid should be that lucky.
+1 on the cleaning and oiling.
Thanks again guys.

You have really made me feel welcome and at home.

Walter welcome to Marlinowners from Louisiana!!!Once you get all the bugs worked out of that 30-30.I believe your son is really going to enjoy that rifle!!!! Have your son join us here on the forum we are a family oriented forum and welcome all ages to join us!!!! Good Luck with your 30-30!!!!!
Welcome, and let us know if any of the suggestions above helped with the problem.
when you clean it...check your ejector. Happened to me once where it got pinched by the bolt when it broke. Welcome to MO. Good luck.
Thanks to all the advice and information I got it fixed. ;D Especially thanks to Mr. Fixit for posting the link with the disassembly pictures on it.

The hammer spring adjusting plate had become mishaped and it was causing the hammer strut to bind.

Fantastic!! Love hearing about these things working out. Don't be shy now, there's TONS of good info for you here. Mr fixit
Glad you got it worked out! Is it a round bolt gun like your 444 or a square bolt gun?
The rifle I got for my 14 year old is a square bolt model 36rc (it was the one with the problem). I got my 13 year old son a 336c 30-30 that is a round bolt.
Welcome aboard and thanks for the repair report. Post pictures of your families' rifles. We love pictures on this forum. Look forward to future reports from you and your sons.
Thanks! I thought it was a square bolt but Marlin made a economy 336 they called a 36 something or other awhile back so I wanted to be sure in my head. :) Glad you got it worked out & an excellent choice IMHO for a deer rifle. ;)
WRM, glad you got the problem fixed. You are a smart and kind Dad, your two sons are very lucky, a Marlin each, WOW!! Y'all take care, family protrait with Marlins and range report would be nice, John.
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