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Absent for a while, considering rimfires in XT series, 795 and 70PSS (Papoose) Models or a used 925

Seeking personal experiences:
Marlin 925 (discontinued model)
Model 795 (auto, mag fed)
Model 70PSS aka Papoose (auto, mag fed)
Model XT (series) bolt action mag fed models including R/SR/RO/RC/RZ/VR/M/MR/MVSR (.22LR or .22MAG)
bolt action tube fed models including TR/TSR/MTR/MTSL/MTW (short, long, LR)
Youth models included

Particularly interested in quality of these items produced in at new facility (Mayfield, KY)
Mfg process (KY v. CT), Quality? Problems? Pro Fire Trigger opinions?
Better off with used 925?

Aware of the current rebate

Specifics on these models vs. 10/22 or comparable Savage also welcome

Use would be recreational plink, paper, pest control, trainer (new shooter + Appleseed).

Thanks in advance

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Hey 2G - I'm in SE Wisconsin too. If it were me I'd go buy a JM Model 60. They're every where for dirt cheap, even cheaper used. If you want a 22 to trick out; buy a 10/22.
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