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Some EXTRAS at Marlin peep sights

Dovetail sight blanks (blue and silver)
8-40 plug screws (Blue and stainless)
6-48 plug screws (Blue and stainless)
Skinner Blue (great cold blue for touching up nicks, dings, and after trimming a front sight to the exact height.
Safe sided Triangular files (smooth on one side for fitting dovetail front and rear sights)
Brass punches (with a special design to give better success in removing, installing, and adjusting dovetailed sights)

ALL Available on our special items page at: Testimonials

AND our case line is really taking off... We offer innovative carrying and storing solutions for your everyday use. Wait till you see our NEW 4 Pistol case. Its working great. (not pictured on the website just yet) AND... Our TWO Rifle cases are Magic.... Really.... Scabbards
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