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New here, 336 modded

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So, as a kid in South Texas with a Dad and Uncle who loved to hunt, I was out there from the day I could shoot a pellet gun - through the .410 ~ .22 years - and up through my first real rifle. A Marlin 336 in 30-30 that my old man bought for me at a gun show. I was about 10 yrs old. I used that rifle up through jr. high when I switched to .270 for all hunting as the Marlin back then, didn't have a front swivel for a sling and was HEAVY! in College I made the mistake of lending it out to a friend for a hunt that I was not attending. I got it back broken like in the first pic

He said it was on the front gun rest of his ATV and it broke on a bump but that it must have had wormholes in it... ya right.. ok. well he didn't fix it, nor pay me and it sat in my gun safe for the last 12 years until this last year when I decided to fix it and get it ready for my first deer season in a decade. I went online and found a synthetic stock to replace the front foregrip and rear buttstock and replaced it immediately.. looking like this pic

I then ordered a replacement front ring with built in swivel for the sling since the rear buttstock replacement came with one built in. I don't have an updated pic of it but will post again soon as i'm not done with the mods on it.

Deer season came and went and not 30-30 action.. I took it out for sighting in before the season started, but with 2 weeks to go after 5 rounds and zeroing in on target, I discovered that one of the retaining screws on my scope mount had stripped and backed out leaving the scope moving around on each round. I used my old mans .243 weatherby for the season along with a .264 that I borrowed from a friend on a pig hunt through the woods.

What I also discovered during this sighting in was that each cartridge would not eject during a cycle. It seems not only did he break the back end off the rifle, but it also popped out and lost my ejector spring. So i'm gonna have to replace that if I can find one online, which is how I found this website out. I have read around on here and found that others out there have gone the black synthetic route also and a couple have also gone to my next mod after repairing the ejector spring.. a reflex red dot site instead of a scope. The trusty Weaver 4x10 that was on it was ok, but i'm gonna use this rifle primarily for stalking through the woods for hogs, quick aim and fire situations and really can't wait to get it fixed, sight mounted and taken out for a round.. plus I think with all the black it will look kick ass too. Always got my glock 19 on my hip for backup but this is a sweet gun if I do say so myself.

anyhow hello and will update project black marlin soon.
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Welcome to MO all kinds of fixes posted in our Extensive Reference Library and parts galore are available ..
Welcome to MO from central Florida, nice job on the stock refurb,.... er replacement!
Your "friend" should have helped you out. Anyway, that's the way we would do it up North.

Nice job of putting your rifle back to working order.
Brownells, Numrich Arms, and a number of other suppliers should have a replacement ejector/spring assembly for you. Inexpensive, and a 2-minute job to replace -- just remove the lever, pull out the bolt, lay the assembly in its slot inside the receiver with its little stud poking through the small hole in the receiver provided for it, reassemble.
Funny, just ordered the Marlin bear-proof ejector from Brownells.. and with shipping costs my total came to 30.30 <-- nice Thanks for the info on the vendors for this part. hope to get it in and be one step closer to a finished gun. I'm gonna shop around on the reflex red dot sight. Likely start with a cheapy (ie.. sub 60 dollars) and go from there.
Welcome to MOs from NE Florida. Some friend your "friend" turned out to be. Anyhow, your Marlin is starting to look real nice now, no thanks to him. People like that really burn me up. A new scope should have it working fine, a real meat maker. Good luck with it. You've come to the right place to ask questions here.
waxtrax said:
Funny, just ordered the Marlin bear-proof ejector from Brownells.. and with shipping costs my total came to 30.30 <-- nice Thanks for the info on the vendors for this part. hope to get it in and be one step closer to a finished gun. I'm gonna shop around on the reflex red dot sight. Likely start with a cheapy (ie.. sub 60 dollars) and go from there.
I have had two ejectors break in the approximate dozen 336s I have owned through the years -- one a standard factory unit, one a Bear Proof. At just about twice the price, I won't buy another one. I know anyone can turn out a flawed part, but if I am going to lose money I would rather lose $15 than $30.
That's the stock i'd like to put on my 444.
I've always liked the look of the Win. "Black Shadow".
Welcome to MO. I personally never liked the black synthetic stocks, I had one and sold it to Patty on this site, but it definitely was a good, quick, and cheap fix for what your (ex)buddy did to the gun. It will definitely make a serviceable rifle for what you want to do. Finding the ejector shouldn't be hard, a bunch of sires sell them, and who knows, somebody on here may have an extra that they would let you have at a reasonable price.

Once you get it completed make sure to post pics and let us know how it operates at the range.
I went with the ram-line black synthetic shortly after busting my wood butt stock clean off.
waxtrax, welcome to MO!! Hope by now you have traded in the old friend for newer, better friends. Great crew here on MO, lots of help and info. Take care and enjoy yourself here, John.
And we promise we'll never hurt your guns ;D
I like the looks of the Ramline stock. Questions, does it have a hollow sound when it is tapped? Is the length of pull different than the wood stock, and what does it have for a butt plate? Welcome to MO's. Great place, I learn something new every day. (hope yer gettin better at pickin yer friends. ::)) DP
Yes,it has a hollow sound. Plastic butt plate came with mine. I could not detect any difference in length of pull. I get approx. 13.5 inches on both.
Welcome to the forum waxtrax! Your ex "friend" wasn't really a friend to you or a "gun guy". If he was, he would have replaced or at least offered to replace that stock for you! Good riddance! Stuff like that is EXACTLY why I don't lend out firearms. It allows my friends to stay my friends! Also not a big fan of the synthetic stocks (mostly because when I was growing up, guns had wood stocks) however, she does look nice and you're getting her back out there in the woods where she belongs!
Not a big fan of synthetic stocks but yours looks nice. It should make a great brush gun. Maybe you can sell the old forearm to a member on MO and fund your Red dot project. Good luck and welcome to MO.
Thanks guys. The "friend" from college was one of those college only buddies, especially after showing his colors with this deal. As far as the front foregrip goes, it actually went to a good friend of mine with a 336 that happened to have a damaged foregrip. He was very willing to deal with a slight mismatch of wood types .. or stain in the least.. so it went on to live life again and after being 1/2 a gun for so long, went on to make another whole. Poetic

Once I recieve the new Bear Proof ejector and install it, i'll take another updated photo of her. With the updated front foregrip band w built in swivel, new sling, and a really nice and comfy (expensive) Decelerator brand recoil pad. The hard plastic endplate that comes with the ram-line kit would likely hurt if left alone. The extra 1.25 inches of length make it feel more natural with my long arms too. found a local outdoor range so won't have to wait to get out to any friend property to try it out once its back in order either. can't wait.
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waxtrax, where did you get that avatar?
Much to often, with topics as incendiary as politics, even amongst like minded gun people - trouble can arise by voicing opinions... therefore I shall never willingly give mine, nor enter any debates.

That being said, I like the pic you posted and its subtitle :) . I got this a very long time ago and don't know what if any context it was in other than ..more than likely on a piece of marketing for the band Rage Against The Machine which I am a fan of being a product of the 90s.

This 30-30 project has brought about a desire to make each gun inherited from my father my own. Going to look for a replacement stock kit for an old 12 gauge pump Mossberg 500 and see about making my 30-30 Black Marlin not feel so out of place amongst all the natural woods in the gun safe. Bah! i'll wait till I get the red dot and rail on this one. upgraditis is setting in
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