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Just wanted to post a short range report on my new Henry X Model in 357.

Shot approx 250 rounds through the Henry.
No issues other than what is stated below at this point.
I was just cycling rounds and not trying to look at accuracy but it appears to shoot very straight and repeatable.
Will do a more serious target shoot another day.
Just wanted to expose any obvious issues at this point.
Overall rifle did well.
Two primary issues that i am looking into.
Magazine tube follower becomes stuck at approx. 10.25 inches from end intermittently.
When cycling the gun, the last round tends to hang up slightly. Not as smooth as all the other rounds.
Cycling is acceptable but i will be looking into making it smoother.
Not as smooth as my Remlins but i have done a good amount of work on them.

Other info.
Compared to my Marlin 1894 CSBL.
Marlin = 3053 g or 6.73 lb
Henry = 3312 g or 7.302 lb
Note center of gravity difference in photo.
Between the higher weight and the more forward CG, the Henry feels significantly slower and front heavy.
The Marlin feels like the weight is in the rear where as the Henry feels like the weight is in the front.



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Thanks for posting your range experience.

The tube may just need cleaning and some dry slide lube sprayed in the spring and follower. Stay away from oils that will build up gunk.

As for balance, you may find the forward weight is easier to stabilize on a still or slow moving target. I am not much for shooting at a running target anyway.
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