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I've looked in this forum and around for info on a 1894 .357 and have a few questions. I'd prefer a "trapper style" or non-ported 16" barrel rifle to pair with my Ruger revolver, slight chance of deer hunting. Here's a bit of what I've gathered, I'd be thankful for additions, corrections and advice on a fair price.

1894C basic model, 18.5" barrel, first came with Microgroove, now Ballard
1894CS ?, 18.5", Microgroove
1894CB?? Cowboy?
1894S ??

1894CP "trapper", 16.25" ported, Ballard, 2002/2003 production

"Western Action" shooting
1894 Cowboy, 20.0", Octagon barrel, Ballard (current)
1894 Cowboy II, 24.0", I'd assume Octagon barrel with Ballard

Are all 1894 .357's straight stock vs pistol grip?
Has there been a non-ported 16" version?
Any general advice on used 1894's and/or problems?
Any specific past posts I've missed?

I'll be on the lookout, big gun show this weekend!

Ken (in Atlanta)
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