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Hello from Alberta, Canada. I've owned and carried one for many years of hunting. My limit is 200 yards and my longest was a moose at 175 paces on a cutline, DRT. I have a 444S and consider it the best hunting rifle, period. My preference is a peep sight but they scope real easy and the accuracy will probably surprise you. You will hear about the twist rate and suspect yours is the 38 twist micro-groove like mine. I prefer the MG so don't worry about the twist. There is a set of articles over on Beartooth Bullets site that are a must read. Your only real limit is bullets in the range above 325 grains give or take depending on your guns nature. I've never seen the need to go above 285 grains but some guys here might consider me a tiny bit of a sissy.

Most factory ammo is deadly on deer. For deer and black bear the 240 gr Rem would suit my needs. I reload so like the 265 Hornady FN on moose and there are some dandy bullet testing in the stickies and on this page with a new test underway. I've never used them but the two Swift A-frames make a lot of sense to me if I was still stalking grizzly country. There are custom loaders that handle some heavy hitting loads. The folks here will set you straight. It also likes cast bullets usually sized at .432 and a big flat nose for hunting.
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