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New Guy from SW Louisiana

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Hi Guys,

Jim here, near Lake Charles, LA.

I got my first Marlin a couple of years ago when I decided to try hunting wild hogs. Never hunted before except for a few birds. I researched my options pretty well and decided on a Marlin 336W in .30-30. I believe I made the right choice! So far, on three hunts I have fired four shots and taken home four hogs, including my latest, a 394-pound bar. I use a Nikon Pro-Staff 3-9x50 scope and 160 gr. LeveRevolution ammo. Love this setup!

My only issue is that I have big hands, and can't get my fingers comfortably into the lever. Wonder if anyone has replaced their lever with the "Big Loop" from a 336BL?

I'm looking forward to learning a lot from you guys! Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Welcome from South Florida!
Hello Jim and welcome to Marlinowners from NE Louisiana!!! Check out our industry Partners section and check out Mule Loops who custom makes his own big loops he does am awesome job and you can also check out Grizzly Customs who also has some big loops either one will look great on your 30-30!!!
Welcome to MarlinOwners from central Florida!
Welcome from Abilene and Goldthwaite, TX! John
Glad to have you with us Jim, sounds like some fine shooting you've done. Looks to me that Marlin should have made a bigger loop standard on all their rifles, but I guess they want some more coin for fixing that problem ;D .DT
Hi kilowatt3, I am from northeast Florida near Jacksonville. This forum is very informative and friendly. Welcome Aboard.
welcome Jim from Virginia I too know what it is like to try n jamb my big fat fingers in those small loops so i just stick one on the trigger, one threw the loop an the rest flap in the breeze, the big loop tempts me but only my modern ones
Welcome to MO from Pennsylvania!!
Welcome to Marlin Owner's, from Maine!!! :)
Welcome from the Republic of Texas...
Welcome, from DFW, Texas
Welcome aboard.
Hello and welcome from Bundaberg, Australia.
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