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Gents ,I tought I'd pass this along for some of the "expert paper punchers" here on the MO forum.

Joe Haller(who is a really nice 'ol guy) on Rimfire Central has been finalizing the rules for a new FACTORY SPORTER Bench Rest monthly email match.

These are monthly email matches shot at 25 and 50yards and submitted by the honor system.The targets must be shot on official USBR targets (tough ,but no worse than a BDT) which is 25 shots at 25 bulls one shot each bullseye at 10pts per shot for a maximum score of 250.

Anyway- this match is uniue on RFC because it is for pretty much STOCK factory sporters.All up weight can not exceed 8.5Lbs(with scope) and the only mods are trigger tuning/replacement and bedding work,etc.The maximum value of the rifle cannot exceed $500(blue book as new value), so Marlin rimfires should be right at home in the match!! Your Marlin m880SQ will NOT be competing with a 10lb custom Anschutz BR rifles in THIS ONE!!!!

There is even a seperate class for the .22mag and 17HMR shooters to "duke it out"(yes -YOU ANDREW!! :wink: ).

You do NOT have to be a member of RFC to submit targets and ALL posters here are welcome to shoot!Targets are available from many sources posted on RFC but if anyone here on the MOF needs some targets I would be glad to send you 5-10 @.20 per target plus US Postage..

Just contact me at [email protected] if you need any targets.

Come on Marlin shooters !!! Let your favorite rifles be heard from in these monthly RFC Factory Sporter matches!! :lol:
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