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New Camo Paint on the XL7

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Re-posted from another thread.

A couple of photos of the new paint job. The bolt is out while the bolt handle dries.

Two coats of desert tan, then I laid it flat on the bench and arranged some cedar branches randomly along the stock and scope and sprayed a light coat of camo brown. I moved the branches slightly and sprayed an even lighter coat of black.

Now I have to go shoot her and get her dialed back in.

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where's the gun? all i see is a bipod. ;D nice job! 8)
What kind of paint did you use? That looks good. Was it the paint for plastics?
Nice! I like it!
Nice work, it came out really good.
mizzouri1 said:
where's the gun? all i see is a bipod. ;D nice job! 8)
Mizzou - had to use this part of the carpet or you really might not have seen it!! ::)

Thanks for the comments!
Thanks for the compliments. I did a lot of reading here and referenced a number of links provided by other Marlin Owners. Also, read a number of posts on Sniper's Hide as well.

Lot of good advice from X Gun owners.

Teacherboy - it's the Rust-o-leum Camo paints. It was the only thing available (couldn't find the Krylon Fusion, which is what a lot of people have been using), but it is supposed to be for all things that would need to be painted camo (metal, plastics, etc). It went on easy, dried quick, and seemed to adhere to the stock and the barrel really well. Guess we'll see.
My only concern is how well it will hold up especially with cleaning solutions. But it sure looks good. Thanks for the heads up on the paint.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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