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New butt stock/fore end 1895 SBL?

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I live in Sweden, and have been using my 1895 SBL quite a lot the last season.
I have been using it so much in fact that I feel a need to replace the butt stock and fore end...
Been through one too many thickets and spruce plantations:-(

My problem is that I cannot seem to find any US shop that sells replacement grey/black laminate stocks for the SBL.

I would be grateful if any of you could point me in the right direction...
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You might call Marlin direct ( (800) 544-8892 ) and see if they can help you.
If it is only scratches etc. Why not repair it yourself as there is plenty of timber to be able to thin it down somewhat.
Yes, well, I have thought about sanding down the old laminate, but some of the dents are quite deep...
Then I have started to appreciate the look/feel of "real" wood so I am actually considering switching to a classic walnut stock and keeping the old one for a rainy day.

I have been looking at Precision Gunworks but as far as I can see they only advertise butt stocks, no fore arms, not for the 1895 at least. I thought to send them a mail asking about it, but cannot find any mail address...

Is there anybody in the forum that has the e-mail address to Precision Gunworks??
swany said:
Ok, gues you're referring to the phrase "if you don't see it, we don't make it"... well guess that says it all doesn't it :)

I gues I have to go with plan B and order a stock set from Macon gunworks, saw they had some nice pieces of wood.

By the way, I have heard both good and bad about them, anything anybody want to share before I place my order?
Although I've never ordered from him myself, you could check with "Bob's" to see if he has anything that will work for you.
And have you checked with "Midway"? They're usually out of stock for this type of thing, but they're pretty accurate with an eta for backorder items.
For some reason the page links won't work. Go to the home page, click on gunsmitihing, then on gun parts, then on Marlin, then on 1895.
Hey Big Swede,

Here are the links to the forearm and stock pieces at Midway USA 43 USD 123 USD

Midway has sites in Denmark and Finland. Not sure about Sweden
Thanks for the info, however, Midway is out of the question, there is a Midway in Sweden but they are unbelievably expensive, 300 USD for a butt stock... Midway US will not send outside US, does not want to compete with their franchise holders I guess.

I have sent a mail to Gun Parts asking about my rifle, let's see what he replies.

On the other hand, I have kind of fallen for a specific stock set at Macon, I'll let you know how it finally ends 8)
If you are that hard on your gun then why bother? Where and how you hunt will only damage it again. It is a hunting tool. It will get banged and bruised. If you make it like new you may not want to take it out again! ;) ;D
I agree with Lever addict. After modifying my 1895 to suit me, including thinning the forearm, I used it for two weeks of deer hunting and it now has plenty of scratches and minor dents. I consider them character and when I am gone from this earth is will be the new owners decision whether he wants to refinish or use as is.
Another option in the "tool" arena is to check with MPI stocks.

They are expensive but a lot of folks swear by them for ruggedness.

Just thought I'd toss it out there.
Don't forget to check with treebone:

I picked up an outstanding forearm for my 1895, about two hours of work with an exacto and it fit like a charm. Sanded it and tung oiled it. Came out beautiful.

Plus you can narrow it down or leave if wide if you like.
Well, it turned out that a friend of mine gave an offer I could not refuse and the SBL has now found a new home :-\

I could obviously not be without a 45-70 Marlin, the same day I picked up a 1895GS missing forestock and with a cracked butt stock, otherwise as new.
Just a few minutes ago I ordered a new stock set (butt/fore stock) from Macon so I expect to have many long happy hours in the work shop ahead ;D
Will keep you updated on progress!
I like it!!!! 8)

But, I'd feel awful guilty knocking around in the brush with that purdy wood on it.. :'(

Can't wait to see it fully furnished!!!! :)
I have decided to use my old Winchester 70 in synthetic/stainless for the dirty work.
The 1895 will be used when conditions are better, such as stalking deer/moose with the dog in the "old forest".

Just could not resist that piece of wood, will keep you posted as promised...
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