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Last December I obtained a "relic" condition Model 1893 in .30-30 caliber.
Its a carbine and I pieced it together with some
wood from that "other" brand.
As much as I wanted to be able to shoot it it was
just to rough in the bore.
I searched a bunch on the net and struck up a deal with a nice gentileman who provided me with a new condition take off barrel from a 336 in .30-30, actually a 30as model.
It was thankfully quite an easy one to fit up, I was able to carefully remove the "hood" from the
breech end of the 336 barrel a bit at a time until
the new barrel would hand turn into the receiver the same as the 1893 barrel would hand tighten.
I used the position of the rear sight dovetail as a guide.
I then torqued it down till the face of the barrel was flush with the inside of the action.
I also removed the lawyer talk that was stamped into both sides of the barrel, now it only indicates manufacture by Marlin in the U.S.A.
I put a hundred rounds through it last weekend and am a happy camper.
The brass resized normally and headspace is
not a problem.
Just wanted to let others know that 336 barrels will go onto a model 1893.

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Ok Gene, you got us drooling, now we want to see some pics!!
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