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Here's my new (to me) 1978 39M, I bought from HiCaliber in Georgia. I thought I paid a bit on the high side at $475 (shipped). But after seeing the gun...I think I did pretty well. The bluing is like new on this gun. There is a little wear on the top strap where they had a scope at one point, but otherwise the metal is near perfect. The wood is pretty, but has had some poly put over the original finish on the forearm. At some point I will likely refinish the stock & forearm. The action is smooth. The trigger is about 3-4 lbs and has a bit of creep, but hopefully I can remove that. The gun is better than I thought based on the photos I was sent. Even the screws that I thought were buggered up, are barely damaged. This gun has no gold lettering at all. Is that normal for a gun of this year, or do you think it's been reblued. I think it's original. Sorry for the crappy picture. Just had to share with my pards! ;D

I do need to say thanks to my bud Seeemmiss over on the He found this gem for me! ;)

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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