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I agree with you on the factory sights. They are hard to see and leave something to be desired for real groupings at any distance. If you want to keep it simple and not go too far costwise, you might try one of the Williams peep sights. They mount right on the receiver in the rear scope holes. Chances are the bead front sight might be too short for this setup, but it will give you something to start with.

I used a Millett rear sight on my GG and it gave me the same sight picture as my old .45ACP I used in compition years ago. Combined with a Orange Millet front sight, it was real good. The Millett is very adjustable, but then you still have the same 14" sight radius as the original factory setup. The receiver sight will increase your sight radius and help to improve your groups.

I now use a long eye relief scope in a 1.5X-4X with a standard Weaver base and rings. My groups have shrunk to nickle size at 25 yds. and just under that of a quarter at 50. At 100 yds., I can, if I do my part...get half-dollar size groups with my best loads.

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