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well, this isn't very impressive shooting, but the first time i've ever shot a 45-70, my first personal lever gun.

Picked it up this morning from the gunshop, went straight to the range. I do LOVE this gun. It took a while to figure out what to buy and then I found this one at a gunshow 2 weeks ago.

It seems to be shooting to the right about a "Dollar bill" at 50 yards with iron sights. I don't really like the sights on it, so first thing is to get new iron sights. Any and all advice, pictures, links to purchase appreciated, thanks.

I look forward to getting really good at shooting this gun. I was using some ammo from the gunshow - just to shoot. some stuff from MIWALLcorp or

I was a little surprised at how to the right it is shooting, for one of the photos I was aiming at left side of target. But for the first time, I feel a little ok with some of the groups I was getting - admitting I must get MUCH better at shooting this thing.

who can tell me about better iron sights and where to see what they look like - where are photos of your iron sights?


this is a great gun though, LOTS of fun!!
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