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New rifle, 91xxxxxx S/N, JM stamp only. I guess it's not that uncommon these days, but
it was'nt expected either. The issue was failure to feed. This was not whining as others
have remarked about. This rifle would simply not feed a round (any round) without
hanging up half way into the chamber.

Well, I used info. from "Lever Addict's" sticky, and "Widowmakers" web site and performed
the dedicated modifications to the extractor and removed a few sharp edges on the bolt face. Well, everything worked out great. This rifle works perfectly now and is very accurate
with my pistol handloads. I have some experimenting to do with loads for a rifle.

I can't believe it was allowed to leave the factory like this!

I would not buy any Marlin sight-unseen these days, and I had a chance to look this
one over but had no idea of any mechanical problems.

Fit and finish is good, not spectacular, but average. Wood was the same. CB's seem to be getting a little pricier. Price was OK, I guess, but not a steal either. $800.00 OTD.

This new rifle will reside in good company with the rest of my Marlin team.

The team likes to showboat a little and pose for photos.

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Glad you got to know your rifle a little better. That should not be happening on anything in a limited edition and less so with a Cowboy. I do percieve that a Cowboy would recieve attention from the owner at the unset from new in the box to the range then to the matches.

So I would reckon you got a good education and a better rifle to boot. Just turning my charm up. Swany

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My first 1894C was like yours. Would not feed anything, factory load or reload. Mine was from 1979, first year of
production. Sent it back to Marlin and they had it almost 5 months. Sure didn't get to shoot it much the first year I
owned it. Purchased it in June 1979 for $169.99 out the door. Sent it back to Marlin in July 1979 and got it back in
November 1979. Didn't get to shoot it hardly at all until Spring of 1980. I bought my 1894CBL with 24" barrel from an estate sale about five years ago and it has worked perfectly for me from the git go. I'm having so much fun with
my 1894C and 1894CBL shooting cast and jacketed that there are not enough adjectives in Websters. I said this on another
post that my two .357 Magnum rifles feel as though they would feed cooked spaghetti up out of the tube and into the chamber!!!!LOL
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