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New 338 MX on Gunbroker from Bud's for $476!!

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There is a factory-new 338 MX on Gunbroker right now for sale from Bud's with a buy-now price on it of $476!! I don't know what the serial number starts with, but for somebody willing to take a chance that's a good price.
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LOL.............. somebody did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And now Bud's has another one up there for the same price...
which is kind of interesting, because there are three more up there for anywhere from $525 to $565.
That one is gone too ............. I am dying to know serial numbers and condition of these guns. Was it someone from here???
A week or so ago I wrote to Buds asking them to give me the first 2 digits of the s/n and the two letter of the proof-marking stamp. They never responded and by chance, yesterday I had an online chat with someone in customer service who said that they don't open the boxes b4 shipping and therefore can't provide the info.

I think I'm going to run the risk and order the MX this w/e. I already spoke with my FFL and he is willing to give me time to thoroughly check the rifle including mounting a scope and the used of a bushnell bore sighter to make sure the barrel is aligned correctly. I have to go thru all this trouble because Buds only accepts returns as long as the rifle has not been registered to the buyer and is still in the posession of the FFL.

Right now I'm trying to find the posting in MO that contains a couple of pictures showing the wrong barrel alignment so that I can compare when the rifle arrives. If anyone knows which posting, I would appreciate if you could point me to it. Thanks.
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Al, this may be the link you're looking for...

Click here
Thanks Scott ... I found the picture and man it is ugly . . . . never mind using a scope and a bore sighter, you can tell right away that the barrel is not aligned witht he receiver. I'm going to the West Palm Beach gun show Sat AM hoping I see an MX there . . . if not, I'll probably order it in the evening ..... will keep you posted :)
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