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New 336 sighting in problem

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Helped my nephew recently sight in his new 336c in .35 Rem.,factory open sights, North haven gun. Beautiful wood, fit and finish,and smooth cycling. No apparent problems out of the box. Started sighting in at 60 yards. Shot low and quite a bit right. Had to raise rear sight quite a bit but got it shooting 2" high at 60 yards. So far so good. Trouble started with windage adjustment. Had to tap rear sight to the left AND front sight to the right to get it POI to move far enough to center shots. Never had to do this before. Anyone else experience this? Maybe Tomray can chime in. This is a North Haven gun with JM proof mark. Any input appreciated. Thanks.
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You said it shot quite a bit to the right. I have never had to mess with the front sight, I always drifted the back sight over a little. Hope you get it worked out.

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