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New 1894 Talo 16.25" 45 Colt

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New 1894 Talo 16.25" 45 Colt

I've wanted one of these SO bad, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on it.

I like the short barreled versions for pistol calibers.

I got this for days I don't want to pack around my 450MXLR, but still want to throw some big hunks of lead downrange.

I paid a premium for it, but I haven't seen any around lately.

I will get pictures up when I get her in my paws.

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Re: New 1894 Talo 16.25" 45 Colt

You're killing me man. I watched one on GB go for too much for me, I wanted it sooo bad but had to pass. Good deal, can't wait to see pic's.

Congrats to you!
Re: New 1894 Talo 16.25" 45 Colt

This thing wasn't cheap by any stretch.
I might have bought the one you were looking at - I got it from GB.

I watched the first auction end. Re-listed.

Screw it! I wanted it bad enough and hit the 'buy now'.

I don't think I will run across another one, so I'm happy. I really don't see them too often.

here's a link:

The wood looks nice and the fit looks very good. And no serial # on the receiver.

Did I pay too much? Maybe. But not if I don't see another one for sale. ;D
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Re: New 1894 Talo 16.25" 45 Colt

Yep, that's the one I was watching. I saw the lower bid, re-list and bang,..... buy now was pressed by some lucky person. Now I know. Glad it made it into the MO family.

Congrats again!
Re: New 1894 Talo 16.25" 45 Colt


Looking forward to seeing the pics!!! 8)
Re: New 1894 Talo 16.25" 45 Colt

At least you all know it's got a great home!

;D ;D ;D
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