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I have a 1948 Mod 336SC in 30-30, serial # E 17XXX. It does not have the original stock but a crude home made replacement. Later model 336's do not have enough wood to cover the top of the rear of the rcvr where the stock retaining screw enters and not enough to cover the trigger guard plate where the stock retaining screw threads to hold the wood in place. There is approximately 3/16" of metal exposed below the wood.

I have found ads for new replacement stocks for a 336 but I don't want to buy another stock that will not fit. Is there anyone out there knowledgeable on the early 336 that can help me find the correct plain uncheckered stock for a 1948? The original stock did not have the plastic button on the bottom of the pistol grip.

I can't check the forum every day so an email or even a phone call would be appreciated. Many thx. Capnmike

[email protected]

770 461-7031
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