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I have a Stevens 520a (well, it's a Ranger 102.25, aka 520a) that I bought as a basket case with the idea of restoring it for fun. It was made around 1947. It's missing the butt stock but is otherwise in decent shape.

My question concerns the trigger assembly. There doesn't seem to be a provision for a spring to preload the safety lever, so when the safety is slid to the "off" position (rearward, third photo) the safety lever simply flops around and does not engage the trigger as it should. I don't have the butt stock, so it's possible that the stock itself provides a stop against which the safety lever can not fall out of the ears of the safety button. Is that the case? If not, what's missing?

Thanks, any help is much appreciated.


Stevens 520a Trigger Assembly - Side View.jpg Stevens 520a Safety Detail - Engaged.jpg Stevens 520a Safety Detail - Disengaged.jpg
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