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Need help on neck sizing

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My 2nd hand brass has been full length resized, loaded and shot through my Marlin in .308Winchester. I have a 3 die set from Lee which has the neck sizing collet. What do I need to watch for to make sure I am neck sizing correctly? Does any part of the neck die reach to the shoulder where I could change anything that I shouldn't?
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If you follow the instructions on how to set the die up, you won't run into any concerns about headspace, setting the shoulder back, or anything like that.

The die is toleranced such that a full length sleeve is activated when the bottom hits the shellholder. A collet at the top squeezes the neck.

The trouble some run into is that with the amount of squeeze placed on the neck. Oftentimes this is not enough to hold the bullet with the proper tension, so be sure to adjust it exactly as described to ensure the maximum, but not excessive, amount of squeeze is placed upon the case neck.

This is one of the finest dies made in terms of making concentrically sized case necks aligned with the body of the case.

It is also one of the very best cast bullet dies made because the adjustable neck tension allows you to put a sufficient but not excessive squeeze on the case neck, allowing you to develop the tension needed to hold the bullet and no more. A simple flaring of the case neck (no M die needed) will allow you to start a plainbase lead bullet easily, preventing distortion of the bullet (as opposed to being forced into an undersized case neck that may be better toleranced to a smaller diameter jacketed bullet).
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